Magnus Premium Coffee

Gives you a better cup every time!

Magnus Premium Coffee Online.


Coffee so good!
Coffee delivered fresh to you.
More coffee for your cup.
Best online coffee.
Magnus Coffee is the best online coffee that tastes richer and fresher. Our gourmet coffee is prepared in a revolutionary method that gets the coffee to you fresher, faster and with better taste.

It’s gives you a better cup of coffee every time!


We source and roast the world’s best beans and ship them direct to you.
We maintain complete control of our process to make sure it’s fresh and perfect every time.


We use a climate friendly version of the traditional “K-Cup” that is NOT plastic. It is actual coffee grounds – not a liquified version of coffee. Our version of the K-Cup is eco-friendly, biodegradable and doesn’t add to any problems in the landfills with plastic leftovers.

we are for coffee lovers

Magnus Premium Coffee delivers coffee to those who want their coffee delivered fresh to their door, to businesses and offices and to those who want to purchase premium coffee in bulk or at wholesale pricing.

If you are a coffee lover and a regular coffee buyer, Magnus Coffee is for you. We make is easy and fresh.


Better Coffee

We source, roast and grind only the world’s best beans and directly ship to you in packaging that honors the planet while sharing our profits with YOU. We’re a unique roaster — it’s a one-of-a-kind cup of coffee you can delight in every single day.

Fresher Than You’ve Ever Tasted

Having complete control of our process gives an opportunity to do something special. We offer more coffee per pod, roast it and then ship it directly to our customers. It’s a level of freshness that will surprise you.

Better For the Planet

At Roaring Planet, we have a deep commitment to honor our planet. We only offer truly biodegradable or recyclable packaging — all of it — cup, lid, filter, and used grounds inside. Enjoy the convenience of a K-Cup® without the horrible plastic waste from the other guys.

Benefits of Membership

We share our profits with our customers and our community. Since we don’t have grocery store slotting fees and distribution markups or advertising, we generously share our profits with our members who share our coffee with others — Ask the member who shared the coffee with you!